The US Department of Defense on Thursday retouched on its page on Twitter a call for the resignation of President Donald Trump, subsequently assuring that this was by mistake.

In a Pentagon account @DeptofDefense, a retweet from the user @proudresister appeared, which called for the resignation of Trump, as well as Democratic Senator Al Franken and a candidate for Senators from Alabama Roy Moore, who were accused of harassment.

Similar accusations were voiced by a number of women against Trump during the campaign, but the charges practically ceased with Trump’s election as president a year ago.

“The decision is simple: Roy Moore: quit the election race Al Franken: quit the congress Donald Trump: leave the presidential post GOP (Republican Party) – stop representing sexual assault by the party question, this, like your hypocrisy, is a crime, – says the tweet, which retwined the Pentagon in its official account with 5.3 million followers.

The recording was quickly deleted. Pentagon spokesman Dana White explained that it was a casual oversight.

“The authorized operator of the official @DeptofDefense account on Twitter accidentally retried the content that the Defense Ministry would not approve, the operator noticed this error and immediately deleted it,” White wrote on her Twitter.