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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — The process of demonizing the Syrian state is not associated with the beginning of the war in March 2011, which is a new form of fourth-generation wars. But the process was launched years before the occupation of Iraq (2003) and the conditions of Colin Powell, rejected by President Bashar Assad. The assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005 paved the way for him – then Syria was accused of organizing a crime, and everything happened to demonize it in the face of the Arab and world community.

Falsified evidence and false witnesses persecuted the Syrian state for many years, until the enemies were exposed. The charges turned into a political and judicial scandal and are not convincing for anyone due to the lack of real evidence. This is the work of the Lebanese forces and international special services, primarily American, who are trying to manipulate the Syrian state and subordinate it to Washington. This also concerns the cessation of support for resistance, and actions on Palestinian and other regional problems, which later revealed hostility, and not the friendliness of these countries.

When the assassination of Hariri did not work, these hostile forces made a new, but much more serious and hard step – they started the war against the Syrian state. The process of demonization took on more complex, sophisticated forms than ever before. It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the humanitarian factor began to play an important role in this process – it continues to be used as a cover for a new attack on Syria in addition to other tools.

Examples of such demonization since the beginning of the war were fictitious stories about nail-pulling from children in Dera, the case of Zainab al-Husni and many other plots presented below:

– accusing the Syrian state of creating and supporting Jabhat an-Nusra (secession of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation – ed.) And its terrorist operations in an attempt to sully the alleged revolution and distort its noble goals regarding freedom, dignity and human rights;

– allegations of support by the Syrian authorities of the criminal “Islamic State” (terrorist organization, banned in the Russian Federation – approx. Ed.) , In order to end the peaceful revolution and send it to the other side against the wishes of the Syrians themselves;

– The myth of the peaceful revolution and the use of weapons in response to the repression against which “civilians” are fighting, wanting to protect dignity and achieve freedom;

– attempts to demonize the Syrian intelligence services and security agencies to justify the hiring of American, Israeli, Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, British, French services;

– demonizing the Syrian Arab Army, the Syrian national institution that protects and represents all Syrians to justify the creation of armed groups as a substitute;

– The continuing accusations of the Syrian state in the use of chemical weapons against civilians.

The truth is that it will take a lot of research and write a large number of books to highlight this topic in detail and familiarize the public with the goals of this psychological war. This war was supposed to convince the Syrians that the only way to resolve the conflict was to destroy the state and its institutions and create an alternative. Many still promote this idea under the guise of a struggle for freedom, human rights and political choice, but we don’t know how to manage this supposed freedom, where it starts and ends, how it should be defined by law and the constitution. Does she mean freedom to insult and humiliate others, or is she responsible for finding solutions, approaches, suggestions and fighting for it?

There are questions that we ask ourselves every day. During the slightest informational hype, we become witnesses of how the whole flow of information is issued for freedom of speech. Petrodollars are pouring into our media, and therefore let me ask a few questions to the owners of these media.

Is the proposal put forward by Bishara al-Asmar in Beirut after the death of Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, freedom of speech in a free country, as you call it, or is it related to shrines, as others believe? This man was overthrown by a political decision, and I did not hear any Syrian opposition party speak of this as freedom and democracy.

Is the liquidation of a journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an opposition to the Saudi regime, justice or an encroachment on freedom of speech? It should be borne in mind that the so-called High Negotiating Committee is an opposition serving and subordinating to Riyadh. She receives money from the Saudi treasury, but at the same time talks about the future of democracy in Syria.

Is the imprisonment of thousands of journalists in Turkey justified by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision or an arbitrary measure that contradicts freedom of opinion and democracy?

Is kissing Erdogan’s hand part of the traditions of the Syrians, who demanded respect for human rights and freedoms from President Bashar al-Assad? Is this an attempt to demonize the president and the state or the ritual of democracy of the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist organization, banned in the Russian Federation – approx. Ed.) , Which they wanted to export to our country?

Is the cooperation of the Syrian revolutionaries with the Israeli Mossad, revealed a few days ago by one of the Israeli channels, an important part of supposed freedom, dignity and democracy?

As for the search for alleged evidence of the use of chemical weapons, this is just another attempt to demonize the Syrian state.

I can provide thousands of evidence of work on external forces by many who consider themselves to be an opposition figure over the past few years. And I can still say to them: “The difference between the freedom we want and the freedom and democracy that you sell is very large.” In addition, I have many other comments on this topic.

I want to clarify one question. When I expose these people, their tools and methods, I do not claim that we do not make mistakes and that there is no need for large-scale reforms. However, I emphasize that the development and reforms of the state and its institutions do not occur through demonization, mercenaries and conspiracies financed by petrodollars, not through insults and accusations through Facebook publications. All this is an attempt to increase its significance, manifestations of narcissism, behind which are severe mental illnesses and phobias.

The real devils are those who planned, participated, colluded, remained silent or took a neutral position in the dirtiest war in the world ever declared against the people and their state. We must clearly distinguish constructive criticism and purposeful distortion of the image of the Syrian state. Syria, its heroic army and allies have opposed this for the past nine years and are still the forces of good, progress and humanism!


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