Otto Warmbier, American student detained in North Korea, has died

Otto Warmbier, American student who had been detained in North Korea, has died, told Reuters on Monday.

Otto Warmbier, who was released by North Korean authorities and returned to the United States on June 13, was comatose. He was hospitalized in Cincinnati, Ohio. The family and the hospital have both claimed that he has passed away, told Sputnik.

‘Bad things’ happened in ‘brutal’ North Korea but at least American died at home with parents, says US President Donald Trump on Warmbier death.

The 22-year-old student had been detained by North Korean authorities for 17 months. He had suffered severe brain damage during his captivity.

DPRK authorities claimed that the brain damage was caused by botulism, a disease usually caused by consuming rotten food or getting filth inside an open wound. American doctors found no evidence of the disease.