ORDO Store: What we do not know a year after opening

Since the start of this store with a new trend in this country called Albania, ORDO Store is again among the most mentioned store and not only for the products and all the brands it brings, but also for the very smart way they have shown us that use.

Coming from the beginning, they have had a very good year and this is shown not only by their sales but also by the time staff they add and recently the studios they have created in one of the best areas of Tirana.

Harta me vendndodhjen e Studios se ORDO

As pointed out by the founder of this store, Mrs. Xhesilda Zgjupa in an interview for a local newspaper, “ORDO will continue the climb …”, and this is in fact our biggest question as those who really do not want to spend much in the direction of investment … But again this is questionable because we all know that no one can create or grow in any profession if he does not invest.

One of the strongest points, apparently, is the marketing with which this company is climbing with big steps towards the objectives and towards a success which all the staff that today numbers about 20 people are looking forward to.

BONUSES – This is the basis of the company as we have asked through social networks the employees in this company, they are rewarded for the smallest gene and the smallest contribution they give to this company.

Well, we think how bonuses will be missing in a company that trades products that exceed 100 Euros.

A product from ORDO Store website

Also, as mentioned on the company website or from the description in Google Business, this is an institution that “never sleeps” and this is due to the posted working hours which are much longer than normal – 10:00 – 22:00 – but this is also overcome as we have seen many posts or engagements on the Instagram of the company who post even after 00:00.

It’s a lot of fun to write an article about a new climbing company as we are always “voiceofpeopletoday.com”, and we give great support to anyone who brings something beautiful and something worthwhile.

We hope that we will have materials again and at any moment we will write again for ORDO Store. We do not believe that this time we will have to wait a year for it, as this company will surprise us very soon for sure.