Oracle Certification Exams – Definition, Types, Paths and Certification Levels

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There are a lot of factors such as employee’s experience and skill set that influence the advancement of a career. However, when it comes to IT jobs and careers, another factor plays a really significant role in how the way things pan out for you in the future and that is the number of quality certifications that you possess.

Similar to other certifying authorities, Oracle also presents individuals with a lot of opportunities to learn, master skills, and grow their professional reach further beyond. It ensures that people in the world of IT remain equipped with the relevant knowledge and technical skills, so that they continue playing a significant role for themselves and their organizations.

In this article, we offer you Oracle certification guide – providing 200 certificates to 450k customers.

What is the Oracle Certification Program?

Oracle has developed a well-managed system of certifying candidates, which it calls the Oracle Certification Program. In accordance with the vision of this program, Oracle certifies professionals on the basis of their knowledge and skills pertaining to the products and technologies that have been developed by the company itself.

Each certification has its own criteria and requirements. However, generally the idea behind earning any of them is quite the same. They all involve passing certain exams, completing some performance-based tests, and training assignment, but everything truly depends on the nature of the certification and the extent of the topic it covers.

The importance of Oracle certifications

If you just landed here without a clue regarding the IT industry, then you should also understand the value, significance, and importance of Oracle certifications before actually trying to earn one. This is important because it has been seen among a number of aspirants that because of lack of motivation and some procrastination on their part they couldn’t spend enough time on the exam preparation and eventually ended up failing their tests.

These certifications not only have a high value in terms of the salary gains that you can make, but also are high in value when it comes to the knowledge and skills that you get. Ultimately, it is the skill that gets you far in your career and not just the desire for earning more.

Oracle certified individuals tend to earn far more in the industry than regular IT professionals, and are valued because of the skills that they possess. Their uniqueness allows them to successfully negotiate their salaries and become the most valuable assets for the companies.

While on the job, these certifications give people an extra boost and it has happened quite often that people who had their promotion lingering for months or even years eventually got it just because they took the time to earn a particular certification.

As a person who is looking to learn more about Oracle technologies, you should remain level-headed and learn from the experts how and in what direction you should take your learning process so that it makes for a long and successful career.

5 levels of Oracle credentials

There are five major certifications offered by Oracle Certification 1z0-808 1z0-071 1z0-061 1z0-809 Dumps. These credentials cover nine major technologies and are further classified down to the job role of the candidates. These certifications are as follows:

  1. Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS)

Such certifications are specifically designed for people who have already proved their capabilities in the IT industry and are now working up their way for further expertise in their domains. Hence, these credentials are narrowed down to certain skills and products so that they bring out the full potential of the candidates. Furthermore, such certifications are specifically helpful for the employees of Oracle partners, even though these are available for candidates from all backgrounds.

  1. Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)

These credentials are designed to recognize a professional’s abilities in a particular niche or a specific domain. These fall under the regular certification hierarchy and require similar skills to be mastered.

The skills and knowledge that come into the discussion in the expert-level certifications are the ones that extend from the basics to the higher levels of mastery.

  1. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

This credential takes the foundational skills and knowledge attained in OCA to the next level. It builds upon the skill and improves your abilities to a professional scale. An individual who is an Oracle Certified Professional goes a step above Oracle Certified Associate as he/she has authority over some very specific aspects of the Oracle technology. It is of a high demand in the job market, and quite often this is a critical factor for IT managers when it comes to hiring.

  1. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

This is probably your first crucial step towards a flourishing career in the world of IT. The Oracle Certified Associate certification is taught and equipped with the right knowledge and skill to tackle different challenges that he may face during the initial phase of his career. The certifications are designed to provide the candidate with the foundational skills and a strong base to build his expertise in Oracle-based technologies.

  1. Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OJA)

This is the first tier certification offered by Oracle. It is considered a novice-level credential and is ideal for students who are in the process of learning. It is the best choice for the individuals who are currently studying in secondary schools, colleges or universities and are eager to learn more about Java and Oracle.


These Oracle certifications are extremely helpful when it comes to negotiating higher salaries, getting that job you always wanted, or working for that company you always wanted. The listed credentials will allow you grow faster and get promotions to live your life to the fullest. The world of IT has its doors open for everyone, you just need to give yourself a push and start earning the right knowledge and expertise.

As an IT professional, this should be your target and you should always make room in your routine for self-development and perhaps the best investment you could do right now is to earn one of these certifications so that you stand proudly among IT experts.