Op-Ed: Pyongyang will never accept the denuclearization demanded by Washington

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – According to an Iranian expert on international issues, the denuclearization demanded by Washington will never be accepted by Pyongyang.

An Iranian expert on international affairs, Hassan Hanizadeh, said in an interview with The Young Journalists Club: “Pyongyang’s policy is to put the ball in the US court and that is the attitude that has been adopted North Korea to have talks with Washington. In fact, Pyongyang is taking this step to focus the attention of the international community on the excesses of the US president.”

“Since North Korea has acquired nuclear capacity and has incurred heavy costs in this direction, it will by no means be ready to abandon its nuclear technology and the condition demanded by the White House will never be filled, “added the Iranian expert, recalling that Washington had pledged that talks with Pyongyang would result in denuclearization of North Korea.

Hanizadeh also said North Korea’s nuclearization had become a nightmare for Donald Trump, adding, “In recent years, North Korea has been subject to economic sanctions and international pressure from United States, but it categorically refuses to destroy its nuclear weapons.”

“This state will continue to produce nuclear weapons and it will even make intercontinental weapons in large quantities,” said the Iranian expert.

He also said that North Korea’s proposal to negotiate with the United States is only a pretext for simply bringing the Trump administration back to the negotiating table.

“In the past, negotiations took place between Pyongyang and the White House. North Korea has even halted the development of some of its nuclear power plants. But the United States has not taken any measures to put an end to the economic blockade against North Korea, and that shows that Washington is not faithful to its commitments, “Hanizadeh said.

Hanizadeh finally explained: “If Pyongyang and Washington finally negotiate, the production of North Korean weapons could be reduced. But this will only really happen if the United States shows goodwill and it must be said that this remains very unlikely, because the Americans have always shown that they are not faithful to their commitments, particularly in matters nuclear.”