There are various reasons why people really like bingo so much, but one the biggest factors – as with a lot of additional online casino games – is the prizes. Some of them aren’t so amazing, but the thrill of winning is enough to make up for any potential disappointment. Others though, will have no disappointment attached whatsoever; after all, who could be disappointed with a win that adds up to millions (or even hundreds of thousands)?

The prizes are usually determined by the game type, just how many individuals are actually playing, and what it costs to join and play. Why don’t we look a bit more into the internet bingo jackpots you could win? We’re sure you’ll want to try them out.

Fixed Price Jackpots

Some bingo jackpots offered by websites like 999BET-TH (who are also known to offer a variety of Online Casino games) are known as ‘fixed priced jackpots’. This basically means what it says – the prizes are static, unchanging no matter how many people are actually playing. The jackpot will remain exactly the same regardless of whether two people are playing or two dozen.

The fixed price jackpot is paid out to one individual if they win in the specified way that relates to the type of bingo they happen to be playing. This could mean getting a line, two lines, a complete card, or even completing a pattern.

Guaranteed Jackpot

Once again, the term ‘guaranteed jackpot’ is pretty self-explanatory, though there are actually two meanings to this particular phrase and it is crucial that you be aware of what and how you could be playing. First of all, a guaranteed jackpot usually means that the prize is going to be worth at least what has been advertised, regardless of how many individuals are playing.

Second, it could indicate that the prize will definitely be won, so there are actually fewer restrictions on the gameplay.

Knowing which of these two types of ‘guarantee’ you are playing for is important if you are hoping for a big prize.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are the ones that increase each time they are not paid out. Therefore if no one wins, the following game is going to have a better jackpot and so on and so on until the cash is finally given out. Once again, there’ll most likely be particular ways that this money could be received, which includes the patterns mentioned above. This is because the prize fund can be huge and therefore it should be more difficult to win.

The progressive jackpots are hugely exciting, and these are the games that many people love to play. Although there is no guarantee of someone winning, unlike the other types of jackpot bingo games, the fact that this prize is so big means it is worth it to the thousands who play.

Sliding Jackpots

Sliding jackpot bingo games aren’t as prominent as a lot of the others. The jackpot starts with a big figure, but as the game progresses, that figure reduces. So the longer it takes for someone to win, the smaller the prize will be. Because there is no way of knowing how quickly a game of bingo will go, this can be off putting, even if the prize is initially a larger one.