Norway leads the world in electric cars

NORWAY – In 2017, Norway established its position as the most advanced country in the world when it comes to electric cars, with gasoline and diesel sales in this country falling to less than 50%.

Sales of zero-emission vehicles increased by 36 percent from 2016 and 36,000 were sold, while 50,000 hybrid cars were sold in the same period. Sales of diesel and gasoline cars To only 48%.

The newspaper referred to the incentives provided by Norway to those who acquire a “clean” car, which are exempted from 25% VAT , and electric cars are exempt from customs duties when entering the country.

The ruling coalition, led by the Green Party, is expected to strengthen the policy of encouraging the acquisition of electric cars in the coming years.

The average emissions per car in Norway were reduced from 82 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer to less than 13 grams from the target set by the authorities for automobile manufacturers by 2021, Lesico said.