Norway the country with the highest level of human development – UN

UNITED NATIONS (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Norway, Switzerland and Australia are among the top three countries with the highest level of human development according to the UN version. This is evidenced by the data of the report “Indices and indicators of human development”, published by the international organization on Friday.

In total, the report presents a rating of 189 countries, which were assessed according to four parameters: life expectancy, expected and average duration of education, gross national product per capita.

The top ten also included Ireland, Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore and the Netherlands. The ratings of Niger, the Central African Republic, Southern Sudan, Chad and Burundi are closing. Russia was on the 49th place, Belarus – on the 53rd, Ukraine – on the 88th.

The UN noted that many countries continue to actively develop. “Of the 189 countries for which the human development index (HDI) is calculated, 59 countries are in a very highly developed group and only 38 are in the low HDI group.” Eight years ago, in 2010, the ratio was 46 and 49 countries, respectively,” – indicated in the organization.