North Korea excluded the possibility of negotiations with Washington while the joint military exercises of the United States and South Korea are continuing, noting that Pyongyang’s nuclear program is a deterrent against the threat from the United States.

In an interview with Reuters, Han Chan Son, North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, refused to talk about the new sanctions being prepared by the Trump administration, as well as the likelihood of adding the DPRK to the list of states that support terrorism.

South Korea and the US agreed to continue work to contain the North Korean nuclear program, but the United States ambassador said that North Korea’s intentions are difficult to assess, as the country does not want to come into contact.

The representative of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea stated that “as long as there is a constant hostile policy against my country on the part of the United States and while military exercises are continuing near our borders, there will be no negotiations.”

He also said that he had no information about when North Korea could again test a ballistic missile after carrying out such tests two months ago.