North Korea ready to carry out nuclear strike on US — In a letter that the delegation of the DPRK in the Inter-Parliamentary Union transmitted through the Speaker of the Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was said about Pyongyang’s readiness to launch a nuclear strike against the United States, a source familiar with the situation told RIA Novosti on Saturday.

Matvienko, following a meeting with the delegation of the DPRK on the fields of the Ministry of Railways in October, stated that the representatives of Pyongyang had conveyed “the original reaction of the supreme leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un to the speech of US President Donald Trump to the UN,” RIA reports.

“In a letter addressed to Vladimir Putin and transmitted through Valentina Matvienko, it was said that Pyongyang is ready to strike a nuclear strike against the US. This letter was brought to the attention of the American side, after which Washington’s position on the DPRK has changed,” the source said.

Earlier the National Intelligence Service (NIS), South Korea’s spy agency said “The North will carry out an additional nuclear test and continue to push for the development of miniaturised, diversified nuclear warheads.”

The South Korean agency stated that increased activity around a research facility in Pyongyang show that despot leader Kim Jong-un is gearing up to launch another world provocation for the first time since September, reports Express.

The warnings of another impending nuclear test from the isolationist state come as Donald Trump conducts his tour of Asia where he is set to discuss the future of North Korea with numerous world leaders.

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