North Korea condemns Washington and Seoul joint exercises

North Korea violently accused the United States and South Korea on Monday of seeking “war” on the eve of the country’s largest joint military air exercises to date.

The Vigilant Ace training, involving some 230 aircraft, including hidden F-22 Raptors, will begin on Monday and last for five days. It comes shortly after Pyongyang launches an intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the United States.

The ruling party’s Rodong newspaper condemned military exercises.

“It is an open provocation against North Korea that could lead to nuclear war at any moment,” the editorial said in an editorial.

“The United States and its South Korean blood, which are drawn to war, will have to keep in mind that their military exercises aimed at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will be equally insane to self-destruct,” she said.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry on Saturday accused the administration of President Donald Trump of “pursuing a nuclear war at any price” through the air drill.

Herbert Raymond McMaster, national security adviser to Trump, said the prospect of a war with North Korea was getting stronger.