Nigerian mafia involved in human trafficking in Germany

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — “German intelligence warns of the Nigerian mafia,” headlines the weekly Spiegel. This analysis of the situation of organized crime in Germany shows that Nigerian gangs are specialized in sexual slavery.

The investigation was conducted by a unit of the German Federal Intelligence Service.

German secret services say that Nigerian mafia organizations are trying to use German territory for their purposes, writes Gazeta.

The active displacement of Nigerian refugees from Italy to Germany is likely to lead to an uncontrolled increase in the number of “extremely dangerous organized Nigerian organized crime structures”, their report says.

According to the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Police, more than 10,000 Nigerians have applied for asylum in Germany in 2018. The majority come from Italy, where there are already more than 100,000 refugees from that country. Nigerian criminal structures such as Supreme Eiye Confraternity or Black Axeu have firmly established themselves there.

In most cases, their activity has become as dangerous as that of the Italian mafia, says the BND report. The Italian and Spanish police would consider these bands as a particular threat and, at this moment, they would try to establish themselves in Germany. Among Nigerian refugees residing in Germany, some are linked to organizations that derive large sums of money from human trafficking.

Thus, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 80% of all Nigerian women arriving in Europe are in fact part of networks of sexual slavery managed by criminal structures. Psychic violence and voodoo rituals would be used to force them to complete obedience. They are practiced in Nigeria by the Ewe and Yoruba ethnic groups.

Knowing that more than 90% of women sent to Europe by criminal organizations, according to UNODC, are from Benin City, in the south of the country. Moreover, in the 15th century, this city was known as the center of the slave trade organized by the Portuguese, and the whole region was then called Slave Coast.

The Die Welt daily reports that in 2017 already, the North Rhine-Westphalia Criminal Department indicated in a statement on the situation in the region that Nigerian human traffickers were sending young women to Germany across the Mediterranean. to prostitute them.

In Bochum, Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Oberhausen, a survey was conducted on the activity of four Nigerian gangs who transported women and forced them into prostitution. Similar surveys were conducted in Bavaria, which were related not only to migration, but also to drug trafficking.

The method used by these bands is relatively simple: they give their victims false documents to transport them by road to Libya, before sending them by boat to Italy or by plane to Turkey. After which the women arrived in Germany via the Apennines or the Balkans.

The price of such a transfer can cost up to 60,000 euros, says Die Welt – money that women are then forced to pay back in German brothels. If not, the bandits threaten to kill or maim their family members in Nigeria.

Often, the daily explains, women would be forced to obey the use of so-called juju rituals, particularly used in voodoo practice. Amulets and “magic words” play a decisive role. They are used to sign so-called “pacts of honor” and to control their execution. Such rituals are often used in Africa today to predetermine the results of football matches. Which shows their popularity.

According to German intelligence, Nigerian traffickers are now using direct flights more and more. For this, refugees receive documents from Nigerians who already live in Europe – the picture is changed, or one simply chooses individuals who are alike.

The BND refused to answer additional questions from journalists regarding this investigation. According to officers, this could jeopardize the lives of operational sources working in these bands.

Dirk Steffen, Head of West Africa at Risk Intelligence, contacted by Die Welt for explanations, thinks that the agents’ refusal to provide additional information makes sense. He believes that Nigerian gangs are more prone to violence than other criminal groups in Europe. And the danger is quite real for the sources.

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