UNITED STATES (VOP) – A recent asteroid has discovered 64,000 kilometers of land on Friday, making it the second space rock to pass into the moon’s orbit in a week, scientists from the US space agency said.

Paul Chaudas, director of the Near-Earth Objects Research Center at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., Said the asteroid’s orbit, which ranges from 15 to 40 meters, made it pass near Earth safely without any chance of a collision.

The asteroid, called 2018-CB, arrived at the nearest point of the Earth at about 2230 GMT in less than a fifth of the distance to the 386,000-km-long moon, Chaudas said in a statement.

“Asteroids of this magnitude do not often come close to this distance from our planet … maybe pass once or twice a year.”

Although the asteroid (2018-CB) is relatively small in astronomical terms, it may be larger than meteorite entered the atmosphere and exploded into parts over Chelyabinsk in Russia in 2013, and sent a collision that broke windows and caused damage to buildings and injuring 1200 people.

On Tuesday, another asteroid measuring between 15 and 30 meters passed 184,000 kilometers from Earth.

Astronomers at the Catalina Sky Center, which is funded near Tucson, Arizona, discovered the asteroids this month, NASA said.