What you need to know about the Order of the Illuminati

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – The following questions and answers are provided to help a person who wants to join the Order and accept the Apprentice Degree, make an informed and responsible choice.

They will also be useful to all interested and help to make a general impression about the Order and its traditions.

Who are the Illuminati?

The Order of the Illuminati is a society of free people seeking to improve the world and man. This is a society with secret membership, that is, the identity of each Illuminati is hidden to the world, while the Order itself does not hide its existence and the results of its activities. Some sources use the name Brotherhood of the Initiated (Ordo Illuminati).

What does the Illuminati mean?

It means “enlightened,” or “carrying the light.” This word many centuries ago called the race of the gods, which gave people the Secret Knowledge, and also, in the future, representatives of the ruling intellectual elite – the full carriers of this knowledge. Having joined the Order, you can make your own conclusions about this.

What does the Order do?

Illuminati create the future of society and man as a biological species, forced to learn about the world in ignorance. We understand how important knowledge is in our life, how it changes perception and expands the horizons of possibilities; we understand how important it is to pass on knowledge to those who are willing to accept it and use it for good. The Order is a spiritual haven for those who are not afraid of change and feel the need to develop their abilities. A gradual understanding of the secrets of human civilization and its gods, the laws of its origin, development and extinction, the essence of man as an element of the surrounding reality is formed through gradual learning in the minds of brothers.

Illuminati connected with conspiracy theories?

The Order has little regard for the inhuman actions attributed to it. Propaganda of the opponents of the development and progress of society has created an extremely negative image of the Initiates, but the true Illuminati have repeatedly proved the inconsistency of these theories. We create, not destroy; our methods may be incomprehensible to the uninitiated, but they do not lose their strength and effectiveness from it. We are building a future of which the masses can only dream, and when it comes, people will be grateful to us.

How to join the Order?

The first step to join the ranks of the Order is to carefully consider and weigh your decision to join. This step is not as trivial as it may seem at first glance. As a rule, serving the ideals of the Order is a lifelong one and imposes rather strict requirements on candidates: this is constant self-control, determination, ability to absorb a large amount of information.

The minimum conditions for a candidate are simple: he must be an adult without a previous conviction and acute mental illness, sociable and financially independent.

The second step can be communication with members of the Order already known to you. This option is most preferable, since having a recommendation from one of the Illuminati will greatly simplify your ascent. However, if you do not have such friends and relatives, but you sincerely wish to join the common cause for the good of the Order and society, you can contact us in the “Introduction” section.

Where can I find a guarantor?

Order members are everywhere and nowhere. Before you are ready to join the Initiates, you need to establish friendly relations with at least one of the Illuminati. If you do not have a friend or relative who is in the Order and is ready to vouch for you, be sure to indicate this in the application. In this case, the members of the Order themselves will contact you or conduct an unofficial study of your candidacy.

Remember that for the full initiation and entry into the inner circle of the Order you will be offered a number of secret entrance examinations.

How can I earn the trust of guarantors and get a recommendation?

In order to earn the trust of guarantors and receive a recommendation, it is not enough for you to meet and establish friendly relations with them. Must demonstrate:

  • consistency (it will take time and unremitting efforts);
  • purposefulness (for this you need patience – your candidacy may take some time, perhaps several months);
  • the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of basic practices (checks are waiting for you, you should speak in one symbolic language with your guarantors and future Brothers and Sisters);
  • and, very importantly, the readiness to work in the Order – because the Order itself was created by the efforts of those who joined it a little earlier than you.

What responsibility are the guarantors for giving me a recommendation?

If you let them down, their reputation may suffer, with all the ensuing consequences.

Does the Pupil’s Degree include membership fees?

Yes. For dedication to the Pupil’s Degree in the global Russian-speaking system of the Order it is necessary to make a one-time membership fee to the International Treasury of the Order. The amount of the entry fee is not symbolic and includes private costs that are spent on maintaining the various needs of the Order, such as information security of the brothers, technical support, training, communication with the media, and also protect from secret knowledge of people who satisfy common sense its intention is not serious.

I filled out the form of communication on the site, what are my next steps?

Order members will contact you by email or other means and give you the necessary instructions. Wait.

What if I change my mind after I submit my petition, or do I have unforeseen difficulties?

There is nothing wrong with that. However, it is important to warn about it in time, for example, by e-mail. Remember that after six months from the date of filling out the application, you will have to re-fill the form and get the sponsor’s consent.

After I pass the Initiation into the First Degree and get acquainted with the necessary materials, am I obliged to move further in the hierarchy of the Order?

No. The dedicated work of the Initiate is a serious decision, and no one has the right to push his brother to accept it. Some seek to increase their Degree as soon as an opportunity is given, others after many years; it is also no less honorable to remain in First Degree all my life. The choice is entirely yours.

I heard that with increasing degree of dedication, more strict requirements are being put forward to the members of the Order. It’s true?

Partly. Raising to a Degree implies more information needed to study, a little more strict adherence to some of the rules of the Order and a small increase in contributions. As a Pupil, you have the opportunity to leave the Order at any time, breaking off all relationships with him and forgetting about this episode of your life. From the Third Degree, a special bond is established between the man and the Order, which can never be broken.

Pupil initiates do not have certain privileges of members of the Order of the Illuminati. For example, they cannot participate in coordinating the actions of the Order or hold leading positions in a regional office. These privileges are enjoyed by members of the Order with a dignified reputation as a Third Degree or higher.

If I join the Illuminati, will I also become a Freemason or Templar, or someone else?

Membership in the Order does not imply any status in Freemasonry or other secret societies. Moreover, it is considered unacceptable to be in any such organizations and still be an Illuminati. Remember that Secret Knowledge needs protection regardless of your Initiation level or social status.

What vows will I have to take when joining the Order? Will they not contradict my beliefs and hurt my dignity?

The oath that you will have to bring relates to the observance of the secrets of the Order, readiness to continue self-improvement and, if necessary, help other brothers and sisters, and, which is very important, it concerns devotion to the Order. The text of the oath is not secret and, despite the fact that it is written in an outdated style, its meaning is clear to everyone. Your taking the oath of the Illuminati is a matter of your personal courage and honor, because subsequently no one can free you from it, regardless of possible changes in your spiritual status or political climate in the state. It is best to think about this in advance.

After I am accepted into the Order, who will know my external (civil) name?

We take privacy very seriously. Your name is also the mystery of the Order. The use of civil names of members of the Order is governed by the “principle of necessary knowledge.” Your full civilian name is transferred to the International Headquarters of the Order – for internal registration of contributions and the issue of dedication documents to you. This means that members of the Order Magistrate must know it. In addition, for technical reasons, your guarantors and brothers involved in the Administration will know it a priori.

Members of the Order will know you under the name that you will need to choose yourself before joining. Inside the Order, you are free to introduce yourself as a civil name to anyone you wish. However, no one can disclose your involvement in the Order to the uninitiated, nor can you, after your initiation into the inner circle, undertake not to disclose information about members of the Order.

Meanwhile, by publicly pointing out your involvement with the Illuminati, remember that this imposes a great responsibility on you. Perhaps the first thing you come across in this case will be aggressive criticism; in most cases, it will be unconstructive. Be prepared for this and do not give in to provocations. As a member of the Order, you should not do anything that could discredit the brotherhood of the Enlightened or distort its reputation.