NASA Rover might just have finally found proof of Alien Life On Mars

The Mars Rover might just have finally found proof of life forms that existed on the Red Planet a long time ago.

Humankind has been pretty interested in any signs of extraterrestrial life on other planets.

Now that dream may get partially converted to reality. In the past few years or so, a great deal has been discovered thanks to the miracles of modern science.

Fox News reports that the fascination with Mars and the possibility of life forms existent on its surface have both been favorite pastimes of space enthusiasts both amateur and professional.

The conditions on the Red Planet are as close as you can get to earth’s atmosphere. The two rovers named Spirit and Opportunity are currently looking high and low for any signs of life yet they have not found any traces of biologically viable organisms.

Yet the Spirit Rover may have recently discovered a region on Mars that was once home to an ancient civilization of sorts. A report regarding this matter was published in the journal Nature recently.

According to it, certain regions on earth such as El Tatio in Chile bear an uncanny resemblance to regions on Mars.

Nodular silica structures at El Tatio are similar to areas of the Red Planet. El Tatio has low rates of precipitation, high evaporation and high altitude. This is ideal for creating structures of silica.

In fact, it is even better than other geothermal regions such as Yellowstone National Park in the United States. This is proof that similar silica structures underwent formation once upon a time in the subterranean regions of Mars.

These signatures of life forms that were extant a long time ago on Mars is an exciting find indeed, according to

Different areas of Mars have been explored and are still being gauged by the twin rovers. Outcrops and regoliths not to mention opaline silica have been spotted too.

The hydrothermal setup is a potential area where life may have been not just surviving but thriving eons ago. Hitherto such signatures of life were found by NASA probes too.

More research needs to be done in order to assure that we are on to something here. Otherwise it will have been nothing but a wild goose chase that leads nowhere.