Moscow and Beijing now intend to fight hand in hand against US influence

Xi and Putin
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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Russia and China say their relations have reached an unprecedented level. The two countries suggest they may be willing to work together to achieve another strategic goal of fighting US influence in the world, CNN announces.

Moscow and Beijing welcome the unprecedented level of cooperation , says CNN, adding that the two capitals could be ready to fight American influence side by side in the world.

While the Pentagon has clearly accused Russia of being responsible for the near collision between two warships in the Pacific on Friday, CNN reports that this new incident as part of the tense military confrontation between the two countries has unfurled in the backyard of China. An incident that raises fears of a resurgence of cooperation between Moscow and Beijing to challenge the position of the United States as a dominant world power, said the media.

“Russia and China are looking to expand their global reach by challenging US military dominance in the air and at sea. But as the two countries have started to become more daring, evidence suggests they have done independently. As close rivals to the United States, Russia and China are often unanimous on many of their geopolitical views, but Friday’s incident is unusual because of where it took place,” CNN reports.

Although the US and Russia have presented different versions of Friday’s incident, the media reports, there is every indication that the ships’ reconciliation took place not far from the Chinese coast and only two days after the Kremlin meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin while Moscow and Beijing welcomed their level of cooperation, the “best of all history”.

“The feeling that they cooperate with the Chinese is felt. They are studying what they can do together with the Chinese to challenge the United States. And if that means helping the Chinese get a place in the Pacific, they will,” said Cedric Leighton, a retired CNN military analyst.

“Similarly, they expect the Chinese to help them in other regions, perhaps in Central Asia. This is where we can see other hot spots between the United States, on the one hand, and Russia and China on the other,” he added.

In addition to saying that relations between Russia and China have reached an “unprecedented level,” Putin noted that the two countries have shared views on many geopolitical issues and challenges, including Venezuela, the conflict in Syria and tensions in the Korean peninsula.

Xi recalled that the Russian President is “a friend” and reiterated Putin’s view, saying that “our cooperation is based on mutual trust”.

Since 2013, the two leaders have met nearly 30 times, CNN said, referring to the Chinese state media. China and Russia have close trade ties, and both sides have recently indicated that they may be willing to work together to achieve another common strategic goal of countering the influence of the US.

CNN believes that there is evidence that Moscow is determined to increase its influence globally, which will likely only increase tensions with the United States.

As part of this effort, Russia has strengthened its presence in the Pacific region, amid mounting tensions in the South China Sea, a region of particular importance for China.

Beijing claims almost all of its 1.3 million square miles as sovereign territory and asserts its position aggressively. Xi Jinping even said that China will never give up “one inch of territory”.

CNN reports, however, that China is just one of many countries claiming parts of the South China Sea, alongside the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, adding that US military officials have vowed to continue to impose a free and open Indo-Pacific zone.


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