The American company Microsoft together with Facebook took countermeasures against the hacker group that was behind the attacks using the WannaCry virus. This was reported on Tuesday in his blog by Microsoft President Brad Smith.

According to him, we are talking about the hacker group ZINC, also known as Lazarus Group. “We came to the conclusion that this threat agent is responsible for WannaCry, a destructive attack against Microsoft’s customers in May.

In addition to other steps, last week we helped to upset the malicious virus that this group relies on, and cleaned the infected computers of our users, blocked the accounts used to implement cyber attacks and strengthened the protection of Windows to prevent re-infection,” said Smith.

Microsoft agreed with the government agencies undertaken in conjunction with Facebook counteractions against the hacker group. As Smith noted, his company took action “after consultations with the governments of several countries, but the decision was made independently.”

President of Microsoft expressed satisfaction with the resolute position of the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, who blamed WannaCry for the authorities of the DPRK.

“If the growing wave of attacks by an individual state on civilians needs to be stopped, then the leadership should be ready to pull those countries that carried out these attacks,” Smith asserted. He called his company’s actions against hackers “an important step in coordinating actions to ensure security on the Internet.”

On Monday, US Assistant to the President of the United States Donald Trump on Internal Security, Tom Bossert, in an author’s article in the Wall Street Journal, said that the US authorities officially blamed the DPRK for a massive cyber attack using the WannaCry virus.

As he stressed, the accusation against Pyongyang “is based on evidence,” and with the conclusions of Washington “governments of other countries and private companies agree.” From his words, “the attack was large-scale and resulted in billions [financial] losses.”

The virus-encryptor WannaCry attacked computers with the Windows operating system in 74 countries on May 12. He blocked computers and demanded a transfer of money for the restoration of access.

Throughout the world, 45,000 cyber attacks with WannaCry were committed, with the largest number of attacks recorded in Russia.