Mexican President declares his country bankrupt

File AFP

MEXICO (VOP TODAY NEWS) – The new Mexican president, due to take office on 1 December, acknowledged that his country was facing economic bankruptcy.

The Mexico is currently in a situation bankruptcy , said the elected president of the Latin American countries Lopez Obrador.

“It is possible that because of the country’s bankruptcy, we are not able to do everything it needs. Still, it is clear that we are able to keep the promises made during the campaign,” Obrador said at a meeting with his supporters.

Previously, the elected Mexican President was more optimistic about the country’s economic situation, while acknowledging the existence of certain problems that, in his view, did not disturb macroeconomic stability.

During his presidential campaign, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador , who is scheduled to take office on 1 December, said he was ready to cut red tape spending.

At the same time, he promised to increase social spending, increase pensions and restrict gas and electricity prices.