Man on the moon without spacesuit was spotted by conspiracy on NASA’s picture

Conspiracy, studying the old photographs of NASA, saw in one of the pictures on the surface of the Moon a man without a spacesuit.

Video, which is the “flight of parsing”, posted on YouTube on the channel Streetcap1.

The interest to the topic is so high that over a week, as the roller walks on the Internet, about 2 million views are recorded.

According to the media, the conspiracy in the reflection of the mirror shield on the spacesuit saw the figure of a certain person without any equipment to be found on the surface of a natural satellite of our planet.

Thus, the facts seen and analyzed allow us to conclude that the mission of the American astronauts on the Moon in December 1972 was actually staged and filmed on Earth.

Among other things, a fragment of the “investigation” was shown on Fox News, noting that NASA did not comment on the data.