Man ARRESTED for Facebook Post About Muslim ‘Refugees’

Offensive comments related to refugees on Isle of Bute and police say arrest shows social media abuse will not be tolerated

A man in Scotland has been arrested for posting on Facebook messages that were allegedly “offensive” towards Muslim refugees. Since you see Facebook now working with Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries to prosecute those who speak out against Islam, how long do you think it will be before that practice comes to the US? Constitution be damned… there won’t be free speech on the Internet or on social media if they get their way. This is tyrannical on Facebook’s part and shows what they are really aiming for.


They came and got this guy from his home and busted him under the Communications Act, saying that his posts were “grossly offensive” and “menacing.” But Muslims beheading and terrorism, that gets a pass. Especially if they are rapists.