Sweet mercy, who is the baked potato at the Independent responsible for writing this headline, the literary equivalent of when you vomit and poop at the same time?


Wow. “Russia” said Romania was a clear threat? That sounds serious. Time to annex Bucharest?

Just out of curiosity, which Russian official uttered these words? Lavrov? Putin? Nyet:

Russia sees Romania as a Nato outpost and “a clear threat” due to it hosting elements of a US anti-missile shield, a senior foreign ministry official has said.

“Romania’s stance and the stance of its leadership, who have turned the country into an outpost, is a clear threat for us,” Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko told the Interfax news agency in an interview.

Oh wow. Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko? Yeah he’s …. nobody. He’s not Russia and does not speak for Russia. And furthermore, he didn’t say Romania was a “clear threat”, he said the U.S. missile shields in Romania are a threat.

It’s an important distinction to make when there are thousands of NATO troops congregating on Russia’s border and the media screams 24/7 about Russian aggression.

Saying a “stance” is threatening is totally different from saying the entire country poses a threat. It’s a little bit different than, say, the President of the United States stating that Russia is the greatest international threat (aside from Ebola and ISIS, of course).

It’s also different because a complete nobody in the Russian Foreign Ministry said it.

When Lavrov comes out and states explicitly that Russia considers Romania — not just the U.S. missile shields, but the entire country of Romania — an existential threat, then we can talk turkey.

Russia does not think Romania is a “threat”. It is however concerned about U.S. missile shields in Romania. Is this really so hard to convey, in a simple headline? Maybe next time try “Not important Russian official calls US missile shields in Romania a ‘clear threat'” or “Breaking: Russia doesn’t like US missile shields.”

We’re not trying to be pedantic. We’re simply asking the media to avoid beating the drum for a war that would kill us all.

Besides, western news consumers know very little about Russia, and absolutely nothing about Romania. Don’t believe us?

For the love of God, stop with the fear-mongering. This headline was clearly written with the intention of scaring wage slaves into believing that Russia sees Romania as some sort of existential threat that needs to be “dealt with” accordingly.

It doesn’t. Russia is just pissed off that Romania has U.S. missile shields that are clearly aimed at Russia.

We’ll end with Putin laughing uncontrollably at this silly German journalist who says that the United States needs missile shields to protect itself from Iranian ICBMs:

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We know, the Independent is no longer a conventional “newspaper”.

In this article published on 12 February 2016 BBC told:

The Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers are to cease print editions in March, leaving only an online edition, the owner has said.

Announcing the “digital-only” move, ESI Media said “some redundancies among editorial employees” would be made.

But it said there would also be 25 new “digital-content roles”.

ESI has also confirmed it will sell its sister title, i newspaper, to Johnston Press, for an expected £24m, subject to approval from Johnston’s shareholders.

Evgeny Lebedev, ESI’s owner, said: “This decision preserves the Independent brand and allows us to continue to invest in the high-quality editorial content that is attracting more and more readers to our online platforms.”

The last print edition of the Independent will be published on Saturday 26 March, while the last Independent on Sunday will be on 20 March.