Maduro appointed new oil minister of Venezuela

Manuel Kevedo was appointed new president of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA and Venezuelan oil minister, and the relevant decree was signed by President Nicolas Maduro.

“President Nicolas Maduro appoints M. Quevedo as president of PDVSA and as an oil minister,” the company said on Twitter.

As it was reported, on November 21 on suspicion of corruption, at least 50 managers of PDVSA were detained . Among the detainees – six top-managers of the company.

It is also reported on the detention of the management of the “daughter” PDVSA Citgo, including its president Jose Angel Pereira Ruimwyk.

Asdrugal ChĂ¡vez, a cousin of former Venezuelan President Hugo ChĂ¡vez, was appointed new head of Citgo.