“Made in France” war material anthology involved in the war in Yemen

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — NGOs managed to close the Saudi cargo ship Bahri Yanbu the entrance to the port of Le Havre where he had to board eight French Caesar guns. However, Saudi Arabia already has French war material as evidenced by the confidential information revealed by the site of investigation Disclose and of which we present here an anthology.

The Saudi cargo ship Bahri Yanbu had to board eight Caesar-type cannons in Le Havre that could have been used in Yemen, but left empty after two days in the harbor. Its entry for loading in the harbor of Le Havre was prevented by the actions of several associations.

However, the information revealed in mid-April by the media Disclose indicate that the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia massively use French weapons already delivered against the Houthis.

And this although Paris has officially maintained so far that the French armament deployed in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates was used only “defensively” and not “on the front line”.

Based on a report from the Directorate of Military Intelligence, the DRM, transmitted to the Head of State, the Minister of Armies and Matignon and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Disclose has drawn up a detailed list of French weapons used in this conflict, which he says is firing on, among other things, civilian areas in Yemen.

The Caesar cannon

Caesar is a 155 mm, self-propelled, eight-foot-long self-propelled gun manufactured by Nexter Systems.

It is mounted on a chassis 6×6 off-road Renault-Sherpa 5 for France and Soframe-Mercedes-Benz Unimog U2450 for export.

It has a range of 4.5 km to 42 km for an ERFB shell and more than 50 km for a rocket shell.

Caesar has a firing rate of 6 to 8 rounds / min. up to 42 km.

Each piece has its own integrated and autonomous ballistic computer as well as its navigation system. The score is automatic and does not require any human action.
Disclose indicates, the data of the International Peace Research Institute of Stockholm (Sipri) in support, that since 2010 France has delivered no less than 132 to Saudi Arabia.

According to the DRM document, the Caesar “support the loyalist troops and the Saudi armed forces in their progression in Yemeni territory”, in other words by bombing areas to clear the ground.

Disclose reveals that the population concerned by possible artillery strikes is 436,370 people.

The Leclerc battle tank

The Leclerc tank is the third generation French main battle tank. Made at the arsenal of Roanne by Nexter, he was named in honor of Marshal Leclerc.

It is equipped with a T40 turret weighing 5.5 tons, armed with a 40 mm CTA gun with telescopic ammunition. It is equipped with the AZUR urban combat kit and the Shark active protection system (French version of the German AMAP-ADS system). Its mass is 54 tons.

The tank is also equipped with a 12.7 mm Browning M2 coaxial machine gun and a 7.62 mm AANF1 machine gun on the turret.

It reaches a road speed of 72 km / h and has a range of 550 km to 650 km when it is equipped with drop tanks.

Its composite armor is reinforced with titanium and tungsten. The modules covering the rear flanks of the turret include a semi-reactive layer.

Military intelligence reports 70 tanks Leclerc involved in the conflict with the only reservation that they remain stationed in their bases and are never “observed on the front line” of combat.

The DRM, however, introduces an important nuance, stating that “they are nonetheless deployed on the Al-Khawkhah right-of-way, 115 kilometers from Al Hodeida”.

The research carried out by Disclose from images shot on the front lines, then cross-checked by satellite views, shows that the Leclerc participated in several major offensives of the coalition.

Thanks to satellite images, Disclose has identified Leclerc tanks in a residential area located five kilometers from Al-Hodeida.

The Damocles pod

Damocles is a nacelle of target designation and infrared imaging French used on military aircraft.

On the aviation side, the document specifies that Saudi fighter planes are equipped with the French “Damocles” laser designation system that allows pilots to guide all types of missiles.

Damocles also equips Mirage 2000-9 emirati fighter aircraft used in Yemen. According to Sipri, the United Arab Emirates has 62 hunters in total.

The Mirage 2000-9 fighter

Fully versatile version with RDY-2 radar, laser designation pod, sold in the United Arab Emirates. This version is capable of air-to-air missions with capabilities close to 2000-5, air-to-ground with Black Shaheen and air-to-surface missiles with Exocet missiles, all with in-flight refueling. It also has the visualization mode of moving targets for tracking vehicles on the ground and an AIR / MER mode.

Among other aerial equipment exported by France and directly involved in the war, Disclose cites the Cougar combat helicopter in charge of transporting Saudi troops and the A330MRTT refueling aircraft.

In addition, two French-made ships are “participating in the naval blockade” of Yemen: the Saudi Makkah-class frigate and the Baynunah-class Emirati missile corvette, which is helping “to support ground operations in Yemeni territory”.

Several other “made in France ” gears mentioned by Disclose, such as the AMX-30 battle tank, the AMX-10P infantry fighting vehicle, the Aravis genius armored vehicle, and the RTF1 and 2R2M mortars are accompanied on paper. references to “not deployed in Yemen” or “no information on his employment in Yemen”.


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