Getting fit and having good health requires you to exercise regularly. Cardio exercises are considered effective forms of workouts in helping people to lose weight and improve their fitness level. Unfortunately, most cardio workouts tend to be strenuous and may require additional skills. We have to acknowledge that we all have different physical abilities, and not everyone can do vigorous cardio workouts. Many cardio exercises like running may end up causing injuries to the joints. You should do exercises that you are comfortable with. Here are some low-impact cardio exercises for those with creaky joints.


Swimming is considered one of the best cardio workouts for those with joint-related problems and conditions. Those who swim regularly tend to burn a lot of calories, and they make their health better as they lose weight in the process. Unlike many other types of workouts, swimming has a low impact on the body. This is because the water takes off some weight that is subjected to the joints. There are many swimming group exercises you can go to regularly. Swimming is recommended for everyone regardless of your age. It has been found that swimming has been crucial in helping those with joint-related illnesses get better. If you still want to burn more calories but your joints are hindering you from hitting the gym or track, you should consider swimming.


Boxing is one of the most-watched sports in the world. It requires a lot of physical ability, and those who practice it regularly tend to benefit a lot. If you are looking for an exercise that will not be too harsh on your joints, you should consider heavy bag boxing. You will significantly improve your upper body strength and your heart rate in the process. To benefit more from your training, you should consider joining a boxing gym and getting an instructor to help you with your drills. Who knows, having some boxing skills may come in handy someday. Since you can legally buy steroids from anywhere at the moment, why not try a supplement to help you get into shape while you box?

Cycling On a Stationary Bike

Riding a bike tends to require a lot of energy, especially if the distance covered is long or in rough terrain. The problem with cycling outdoors is that it tends to be strenuous on the joints, and this ends up causing injuries to many people who try it. There is a way you can still benefit from cycling without going outdoors. You can purchase a stationary bike or go to a gym with one. Since you can control the intensity and there is no rough terrain, your joints won’t have a hard time. Many other gym machines offer low impact workouts yet have great results for those who use them.


Exercise is essential for anyone to be healthy. No matter your age, you should look for a form of workout that you can be comfortable doing. You should consider the exercises above.