Love and hate: 7 expensive things that tourists tried to destroy

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Sometimes, the love of art is too literal, and it can affect even the integrity of its works. Unfortunately, some men don’t know how to behave with the great heritage of world culture as well as with charming girls on dating sites. Coming back to the masterpieces, it’s necessary to admit that some of the following stories are not without irony.

  1. Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat by Claude Monet.

This picture of the famous Impressionist Claude Monet is valued at 10 million euros and is the property of the National Gallery of Ireland. However, in 2012, an unknown guy went to the canvas and hit it with his fist. As a result, the renovation of the masterpiece took about almost two years, and the rowdy was charged with vandalism.

  1. Vases of the Qing dynasty.

The smashing of ancient Chinese vases is already a kind of cliché in the matter of damage to museum exhibits, which has been played out in comedies more than once. A somewhat comic situation happened with the visitor to the museum in England, who, going down the stairs, stumbled over his own loose shoelace and fell on several unique vases of the Qing dynasty. Total damage was more than 500 thousand pounds. He stayed intact and made the administrators of the museum explain why the ancient vases were standing on the stairwell.

  1. Statue of King Sebastian.

Two years ago, the statue of King Sebastian, located in Lisbon, was not lucky. One tourist thought that just making a selfie on its background would not be enough. He decided to climb the sculpture, apparently in order to make a selfie with the face of the king. As a result, the statue fell and broke into 12 pieces. By the way, this is not the only case of a failed attempt to make a selfie, in which the monuments were damaged. In Italy, several guys climbed onto an old statue of two Hercules and damaged the marble crown, which was located on top.

  1. Fountain of Della Barcaccia in Rome.

In 2015, Dutch football fans arrived in Rome to support their team. As a result, they caused a drunken row and even made some local sellers close in their stores. Nevertheless, the fountain of Della Barcaccia, which is one of the sights of the Italian capital, was the victim of football passions. The aggregate value of all damages was more than 2.5 million euros, and about 20 Dutch citizens were detained after the incident.

  1. Elgin Marbles.

Elgin Marbles is a collection of works of ancient Greek art, brought to Great Britain in the early 19th century by Lord Elgin. Two British schoolboys along with their class went to the exposition of the Elgin’s collection and began to fight with each other in the likeness of the heroes of some expositions. As a result, one of the boys fell on the marble statue of Centaur and broke its leg.

  1. L’acteur by Pablo Picasso.

This picture of by the greatest surrealist was the victim of the clumsiness of another visitor to the museum. Enjoying the picture, the woman could not keep her balance and fell right on it, leaving a 15-centimeter cut. At that time, the picture was 105 years old, and its cost before the incident was valued at $100 million.

  1. Bridge Pont des Arts in Paris.

Paris is a city of love. What can be a greater guarantor of a strong marriage than a padlock attached to the construction of a bridge? Especially, if this bridge is in Paris. One of the most popular bridges among the newlyweds in France was the Pont des Arts, built about 200 years ago during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. Many couples who spent their honeymoon in Paris considered it mandatory to attach their padlocks to the fence of this bridge. In 2014, the part of the bridge collapsed due to that.