London subway station terror attack

An explosion has occurred at a London subway station, leaving several passengers injured. The blast took place on a rush-hour underground train at the Parsons Green station in west London, shutting down a district subway line.

There are reports of multiple casualties and victims with burnt faces. Witnesses also say that a stampede followed the incident, injuring more people before the police and paramedics arrived.

The Metropolitan and British Transport Police say they are aware of the incident, confirming that armed forces are present on the ground to investigate the case.

They also advised people to avoid the area, but made no further comments about the possible casualties or the cause of the incident.

The UK terror threat has been increased to its highest level following the attack on a Tube train in south-west London, the prime minister has said.

Theresa May said the threat had been raised from severe to critical, meaning an attack is expected imminently.

An “improvised explosive device” was detonated at Parsons Green station on a District Line train from Wimbledon.

A hunt is under way for the person who placed the bomb, with so-called Islamic State saying it was behind the attack.

Mrs May said the military would provide support to police and would replace them on guard duties on certain sites not accessible to the public.