Life on other planets — The best proof we have

Ever since we first begun to imagine that life could exist on worlds other than our own, the Red Planet has been mankind’s number one suspect.

In recent years we’ve also come to believe that life may also exist somewhere on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter too.

So what evidence for this have we actually discovered?

In 2013 the Curiosity rover detected many of the key chemical ingredients for life in the Martian soil.

In 2014 the British microbiologist Professor Milton Wainwright claimed to have discovered evidence of life in Earth’s stratosphere, and he says this organism could not have come from our planet.

Take a look at this neat little guy.

This is a methane ice worm discovered in Mexico back in 1997.

As its name suggests, this organism lives inside methane ice which has been pushed up from the sea floor.

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