Latest North Korea missile was the most sophisticated in Pyongyang’s arsenal

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday that the missile launched by North Korea this week was the most sophisticated missile in Pyongyang’s arsenal, but added that the isolated state still needs to prove some technical details, reports Reuters news agency.

Moon made the remarks in a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump, saying it was unclear whether the North already had nuclear warhead technology and that Pyongyang still needed to prove some other things, such as the technology that enables the missile to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, according to Reuters.

North Korea’s official news agency published pictures, in which DPRK leader Kim Jong-un examines military equipment after the latest ballistic missile launch, the Independent said .

According to the official media of North Korea, Kim described the launch of “Huasong-15” that the statement of progress and expansion of the northern military capabilities.

The missile proved to be stronger than its predecessors. It is capable of reaching any point on Earth and carrying a “strong nuclear warhead.”