UNITED STATES – Unknown posted the source code of the program iBoot, which is key for iOS-based devices, this can be further exploited by intruders, reports the profile portal Motherboard.

According to the portal, the iBoot operating system boot code appeared on Thursday on the GitHub web service.

“This is the largest leak in history,” said the author of the series of books on operating systems Mac OSX and iOS Jonathan Levin.

According to Levin, who participated in the development of iBoot, the codes appearing in the network appear to be real. Another expert also confirmed to the portal that the code is authentic. Publishing iBoot on the network can give hackers the opportunity to crack iPhone devices.

According to the portal, a few hours after the incident, Apple sent an official request to the management of GitHub with a request to remove the codes. The representative of the company indicated that the code is the property of Apple and is protected by copyright. Soon after this request, the web service deleted the codes.

iBoot is a key component of the iPhone operating system, which provides a safe boot of the operating system.

Although iBoot refers to an older version of the iOS 9 operating system, part of the code can be used in the iOS 11 version. Apple rarely publishes the source codes for products.

Protection iBoot is one of the primary tasks of the company. For those who find vulnerabilities in programs, a reward of up to 200 thousand dollars is provided.