The S-300 and S-400s have gained unparalleled international fame amidst the mystery of the massive vehicles carrying these missiles and their trajectories, which Zvezda has called for.

In the Russian city of Bryansk, for heavy vehicles, it was customary for the workers and technicians to meet the demand of the army and armed forces since its establishment in the 1950s.

The factory, produced within Russian army vehicles, is carrying the vehicles for the S-300 and S-400 missiles and is now announcing the completion of the design and testing of a new chassis for S-500 missiles.

Which makes the Bryansk cars, their reliability and ability to cross the various terrain and heights, and their ability to cut 15,000 kilometers without breakdown, breaking a record in the world of heavy trucks used in war conditions.

It is remarkable that the Bransk factory vehicles are hand-made, with all its parts bearing the name of its manufacturer and its stamped seal, which excludes any sluggishness in manufacturing and makes the vehicles an honest ally that does not disappoint its wartime owner.

The latest test of the new S-500 is that it has recently climbed to the top of Elbros mountain at 4,000 meters above sea level, cutting Europe’s highest peak to prove its ability to meet the call wherever it is called.

It should be noted that the Bryansk plant, disguise the specifications of his vehicles, and does not give any information about them, as they have not yet exported abroad, where Russia monopolizes the importance and scarcity.

The plant management, according to the channel, “Zvezda” to join the sector of export of Russian military equipment, especially after lining up the queue on the purchase of the S-300 and the S-400, which can not drag and cross the difficult terrain by Brisk cars.