Japan wants to launch satellites to monitor space debris


JAPAN (VOP TODAY NEWS) – The Government of Japan intends to put into orbit a constellation of satellites to monitor space debris in order to prevent collisions with it. This was reported by the newspaper Yomiuri.

It is assumed that their launches will take place between 2024 and 2028. Before that, Japanese specialists should debug the technology of detecting debris and quickly transmitting information about it to Earth.

Japan is afraid of collision of its satellites with fragments of missiles and other vehicles that are no longer in use, but continue to be in orbit.

This problem is becoming more serious every year, as mankind is rapidly continuing to explore the cosmos.

In addition, developing countries also gained access to comic technologies because of the reduced cost of launches and the development of satellites. First of all, such states are interested in the development of telecommunications.

After creating a grouping of observation satellites, they will be able to collect data on the movement of space debris and, in case of danger, transmit a signal to the control center on Earth.

There they will make a decision to change the trajectory of this or that device in orbit, which was under threat of collision.

According to experts, currently around 150 million parts and fragments remain in orbit around the earth after the launch of satellites and other vehicles. In the past 20 years, the number of large objects larger than 10 cm has more than doubled.

According to the research, a collision with such kind of debris can damage antennas, solar panels and other equipment on satellites.