Japan to send its astronauts to the moon

Japan hopes to send its astronauts to the moon as part of manned missions in the 2020s, reported on Sunday, November 26 local media.

This will be possible due to the likely participation of the country in the international program for the construction of a modular habitat – Deep Space Gateway – on a circumlunar orbit.

As a participant in the program, Japan could offer joint creation of ships, as well as provide the development of local scientists in the field of water and air purification.

As the agency notes, NASA, Roskosmos and partners intend to begin construction of the Deep Space Gateway in the 2020s.

“At the first stage, we will build an orbital part with a further perspective of the application of waste technologies on the surface of the Moon and subsequently – Mars.

The conclusion of the first modules is possible in 2024-2026, “said the head of state corporation Igor Komarov.