Japan launched a spacecraft to the ISS


UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Japan successfully launched a Japanese H-IIB rocket with the Konotori-7 space vehicle on board, and the translation was conducted on the website of the Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA).

The launch of the missile, which was postponed for several technical reasons, was performed at 02.52 Japanese time from the Tanegashima cosmodrome in Kagoshima Prefecture.

“Konotori-7” should deliver to the ISS a capsule that will bring to Earth the results of experiments conducted on board the station. It is necessary to check its resistance to loads during passage in the solid layers of the atmosphere, and also to verify its ability to safely deliver cargo to Earth from space.

On board the space truck are also, in particular, lithium-ion batteries and an experimental set of two small STARS-Me satellites, which are the first step towards the implementation of the project to build a space elevator.