Thursday, February 22, 2018
It’s Said That ‘A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words’ — Take...

It’s Said That ‘A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words’ — Take a look at this one! NATO Has a MAJOR Problem now!

‘There has been much talk about who is supporting ISIS. There have been accusations that certain governments are presently working with ISIS, providing ISIS with guns, ammunition, weapons systems, tanks, vehicles, communications, cash and protection.

The photo below is from a Terrorist Camp in Latakia, Syria, manned by ISIS Terrorists and its supporters who are trying to overthrow the Syrian government.

As all of you readily know, ISIS kills people – innocent people – around the world. They slaughtered 158 in Paris. Their supporters slaughtered 14 Americans in San Bernardino, CA. They bomb things, like a Russian passenger jet, over Egypt. They cut people’s heads off and put videos of it on Youtube. They throw men off the tops of buildings to kill them and put videos out showing these things. They rape, rob, pillage and burn. They willfully destroy world heritage antiquities. They are unimaginable barbarians.


Despite all the circumstantial evidence about which countries have been doing these things, there has rarely been direct evidence from ISIS itself as to who supports them. Until now.

In the photo below, look at the flags on the flag pole outside the ISIS terrorist tents in Latakia, Syria: The black ISIS Flag is on top; directly above the flag of . . . . . . Turkey.’

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