Israel destroys a tract of Hamas

On the 10th, IDF released a statement on the same day as the IDF blew up a tunnel excavated by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance (Hamas).

An IDF spokesman, Jonathan Correx, said that the authentic “considerable length” of the bombing by the Israeli military has not received any reports of Palestinian casualties.

It is learned that the bombed tunnels started from the city of Khan Yunis in Gaza to southern Israel. Kang Ruixi said the Israeli army is very clear that the tunnel is Hamas mining, Hamas should be responsible for this.

On the same day, a statement was made by Israeli police saying that a man stabbed by a Palestinian man from the West Bank at a central bus station in Jerusalem on the day of the security guards was seriously injured. At present, the assassin has been captured by the police.

The reporter saw on the scene that after the assassination incident, the order of the scene was quickly restored and the surrounding people did not panic and were still waiting in an orderly manner.

According to Israeli media reports, as Arabs living in the northern Wadi Allah protest and clashed with the police on the 9th, Secretary of Defense Lieberman said on the 10th that Arabs in this area “do not belong to Israel” and demanded Resist their business activities. However, Lieberman’s remarks were severely criticized by lawyers.

Since the U.S. President Trump announced on the 6th that Israel has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will start the process of moving the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, tensions escalate in Israel and Palestine.