ISIS – The New World Order’s Plan For 2016

February 15, 2015 - Libya: A group of 21 Egyptian Christians, who were seized by ISIS fighters while working in Libya, shown in a new video before they were purportedly killed. ISIS (Daesh), also known as ISIL, released a video claiming to have killed 21 Egyptian Christians who were captured in Libya. The Egyptians were wearing orange jumpsuits, being forced to the ground by militants dressed in black, and beheaded on a beach. The five-minute video had a caption that read, 'The people of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian church.' The video first appeared on the Twitter feed of a Daesh sympathizer's website. Daesh claimed to have captured the Egyptians in Sirte in January. Before the killings, one of the militants stood with a knife in his hand and said: 'Safety for you crusaders is something you can only wish for.' The 21 men, all migrant workers hailing from impoverished areas of central Egypt, were kidnapped between late December and early January. Fourteen came for the same village, Al-Our. (News Pictures/Polaris)

The New World Order has begun. ISIS is the best way to prove it.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

To think that this shit was going on since our country’s beginnings. Just take a look at the capital monuments, our currency. Is riddled with pagan and Masonic symbolism.

These people are satanist. They worship lucifer, the god of the earth. The one that has given them power and riches of the world.

When Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq he deliberately left all of our Military hardware for them to take and use for their caliphate against all of the Christians and any other person that dose not believe in Islam.

The same will be happening in America if Obama implements his Martial Law and that is also why Obama wants to take all of our Guns before he implements Martial Law this way there will be zero resistance from the American people then in will come ISIS into America to continue Caliphate on Christianity and others.

All of these Muslim refugees a lot of them are ISIS pretending that they are Refugees and that is Obama’s private army and that is also why he wants to UN-arm us.