Residents clash with police during protests to demolish their house to Train Station.

People in the area Train Station today physically clashed with police forces. These residents affected by the construction of a new extension of the boulevard. This morning, around 11:00 the police forces at these apartments have gone to support the work of employees of the National Inspectorate for Protection Territory decay objective affected by works on the boulevard. People refuse release from homes after not agree with the compensation given for their properties. According to them, these fees are below fair market value.

Video: Ora News Lajme


Bulldozers of the National Inspectorate for the Protection of Territorial and local Inspectorate began demolition of housing in the former Train Station for the construction of the boulevard of Tirana.

There are about 16 apartments that will be affected by this interfering infrastrkturë, IKMT begin demolition of the first 4 buildings.

Intervene was accompanied by physical collision between residents and police due to expropriation, as an unresolved issue over the years.