Iraqi-Kurdish clash in Kirkuk ‘misunderstanding’ — Int. coalition

The U.S.-led coalition said an Iraqi-Kurdish clash in the region of Kirkuk where Iraqi army took control on Monday of Kurdish-held positions was a “misunderstanding” and urged both sides to avoid escalation, reported Reuters.

“Coalition forces and advisors are not supporting Government of Iraq or Kurdistan Regional Government activities near Kirkuk, but are aware of reports of a limited exchange of fire during predawn hours of darkness,” it said in a statement on its website.

“We believe the engagement this morning was a misunderstanding and not deliberate as two elements attempted to link up under limited visibility conditions,” the statement added as cited by Reuters.

– Act of war –

The attack on Kirkuk can be considered a declaration of war by the Kurds, the leadership of the Iraqi Kurdish armed formations of the Peshmerga declared.