Iran preparing for 40 years its strategy for a possible war with US


UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — A Lebanese analyst makes a topo of the Iranian-American tensions going back some years already; years in which Iran had time to develop its defense in the event of US military aggression.

With its patience and strategic intelligence, Tehran has full capacity to counter any US intervention in the Middle East, says a Lebanese analyst in the newspaper Al-Binaa .

Here is a summary of what this analyst said:

In recent years, Iran has developed the necessary defense skills to counter any American threat. After Israel’s defeat in Lebanon in 2006, the United States was forced to settle in the Middle East in one way or another.

The goal, according to the analyst, is to establish a hegemony over all Asia. After dominating Europe, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, the United States understood that it was in their interest to strengthen their presence in Asia.

From the outset and on the pretext of confronting Iran, the United States launched several wars in the region: in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza. The wars in Syria and Yemen are also examples of these proxy wars with Tehran.

The withdrawal of the 5 + 1 agreement is in the same political line.

And throughout these years, Tehran has done everything to avoid a war with the United States. But Iran did not sit idly by; during this period, he developed his military capabilities to prepare for a possible confrontation with Washington.

It can even be said that this Iranian policy has contributed to a balance of power in the Middle East region.

The Iranian influence in the region, according to Washington, would be limited to Lebanese, Iraqi, Palestinian and Yemeni resistance groups. But in reality, Tehran only seeks to establish a relative balance of power between the weakest and the strongest.

If Iran has refrained from interfering with US interventions and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the same is not true for Syria and Yemen, where Iranian officials have not accepted bloodshed innocent civilians are once again poured out and Iran’s neighboring countries are turning into new fields of ruins.

Iran, which had also expanded its military arsenal considerably during this time, ran to the rescue of its Syrian and Yemeni neighbor. He used his resistance card and surprised the Americans.

The Middle East is going through a period of change. The United States is trying to destroy the Iranian nuclear program and Iran is showing every day that it is currently at the peak of its military might.

Washington has concentrated its troops in the region. Opposite, Iran has developed since the 2000s its arsenal of missiles. So much so that we can say today that Iran’s ballistic capability is one of the largest in the world.

At the moment, the Saudis and Emiratis are struggling with Ansarullah in Yemen, and Israel, for its part, is struggling against the movements of the Palestinian Resistance. While the United States is losing all its levers of pressure in the region, namely Daesh and the Kurds in Syria; Iran can count on strengthening its allies and growing its own influence in the Middle East region.


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