The influence of the super moon on health

The Super Moon can only affect impressionable people, the rest of the phenomenon will not do any harm, said a doctor. According to her, the astronomical phenomenon is not an anomaly.

It is not necessary to cause any cataclysms. “Another thing is that there are people who are inspired, who closely monitor all sorts of forecasts, for natural phenomena: these people can have some kind of emotional changes,” she said.

The doctor added that such effects are a reaction to the information itself, and not to the phenomenon as such.

Earlier weather forecasters came out with a disappointing forecast: the townspeople will not be able to observefor a rare astronomical phenomenon on December 3. The sky over the capital will be covered with dense clouds and the moon will not be visible.

A super moon is the coincidence of the full moon phase with its maximum approach to the Earth.

This phenomenon can be observed from the evening of December 3 until the morning of December 4. It was reported that on this day the Earth satellite would look 14 percent larger and 30 times brighter – the highest figures for the year.