Illuminati – who is it and what are they doing?

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Many have heard the term “Illuminati” who it is – very few people know. This cult is covered with a cover of mystery from the very beginning of its activities.

Representatives of this ghost organization live in every corner of the world and it is always not at all simple people whom ordinary people experience a mystical fear.

Who are the Illuminati and what do they do?

The Order of the Illuminati is an organization of an occult-philosophical orientation, secretly affecting the lives of all people. According to some historians, the Illuminati (“enlightened”) are involved in the political life of many countries at the highest level. The highest authority in the order is held by 7 highest Illuminati, who are trained from birth. Ordinary Illuminati clearly fulfill their roles and their actions often lead to armed conflicts, financial and political crises.

Who are the Illuminati:

  • prudent, intelligent personality with a variety of talents;
  • insensible and heartless leaders using ordinary people as puppets.

Illuminati – Symbols and Signs

The most famous symbol of the Illuminati is the pyramid. It can be seen on the dollar bill. The pyramid symbolizes the structure of society: the majority of people and the enlightened stratum are separated by a “precipice”. In addition, there are also such signs and symbols of the Illuminati:

  1. “Eye of Osiris” – guarding the eye, located at the top of the pyramid, symbolizes power and superiority over ordinary people.

2. The owl of Minerva – a symbol of knowledge and wisdom – a little-known sign of the Illuminati.

3. The Latin expression “Novus Ordo Seclorum” , meaning “new order of the ages.”

Illuminati – myth or reality?

Questions whether the Illuminati, who it is, have been worrying people for many centuries. Since the representatives of this society are striving for world domination, then their representatives include dictators who tried to conquer the whole world. 13 widely known families in the world, including Kennedy, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Onassis, etc., are also considered Illuminati. Proof of the existence of the secret Order of the Illuminati are organizations such as the UN and the EU that prevent wars, but at the same time unite countries.

Where did the Illuminati come from?

The whole truth about the Illuminati is revealed when studying the history of a cult that originated about two thousand years ago. The first of its representatives include fans of the Greek goddess Cybele. The founder of the priest Montand performed dark and brutal rituals associated with the infliction of injuries. Despite the paganism prevailing at that time, Montand took Christian positions as the basis of the cult. Sect members were considered enlightened — possessing secret knowledge. The sect was persecuted by both pagans and Christians, since very different from the first and second.

Further, the teaching begins its journey through the world. The Illuminati include the worship of divine light, the brotherhood of Syrian dervishes, which existed 4 centuries later than the cult of Cybele. The common people respected wandering representatives of this trend for their knowledge and ability to heal with prayers and spells. The government considered the fraternity of dervishes illegal and cruelly persecuted, arranging public executions of individual preachers.

The secret teaching in Afghanistan was revived. In the 15th century, the followers of Bayazet Anzari, who likewise called themselves enlightened, set themselves the goal of conquering the whole world. The adepts of learning received magical knowledge, which were to ensure the successful achievement of the goal. However, the first steps – attempts to conquer India and Persia – failed because of the arrogance of the cult leaders.

At the end of the 18th century, the Illuminati society was once again revived in France under the leadership of the Polish Freemason Gabrienki and the monk Joseph de Perietti. During this period, the Illuminati seized with their presence many European countries, and the most numerous branch settled in London. Interest in the cult of ordinary people has increased many times, even the book “Secret Societies” appeared, in which the terrible rituals of the Illuminati were described, although for the most part it was the fruit of the author’s fiction.

One of the most famous societies – the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati – was founded in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Ingolstadt. The leader of the adepts was Adam Weishaupt, the theologian and philosopher. A lot of various conspiracy theories connected with the conquest of world domination and the seizure of total control over people, scientific resources and money are associated with the order.

How to recognize the Illuminati?

The Illuminati Society accepted and accepted far from everyone. To recognize an adept cult you need to take into account several signs in the aggregate. A man must:

  • be rich, powerful, ambitious;
  • belong to a powerful surname;
  • to graduate from a prestigious university, a famous example is Yale University, which has a society of young Illuminati – “Skull and Bones”.

Philosophy of the Illuminati

The secret society of the Illuminati calls its main idea the bringing of society and the whole world to a new order that does not depend on religions and illusory ideals. Adherents of a cult strive for triumph over time and space, therefore, they consider themselves superior not only to people, but also to the law. Ordinary people for the Illuminati – only tools, limp mass, which they control.

What do the Illuminati want?

The goals of the Illuminati are unchanged since the creation of the organization – it is control over the world through managing people. Reaches the goal through a variety of techniques.

  1. Public opinion is adjusted using literature, media, rumors.
  2. Basement habits and weaknesses are encouraged – homosexuality, promiscuous sex, pursuit of pleasure.
  3. The population is placed ready and advantageous views of the Illuminati, spiritual forces are undermined by empty demagogy.
  4. Strong personalities not connected with the Illuminati lose all support, are suppressed.
  5. People are intimidated by unrest, war, hunger, the spread of infection.
  6. The help to the states is given with the purpose of attraction on their side.
  7. Laws are being passed that undermine individual freedom, impair education.

Illuminati and masons – the difference

Illuminati and Freemasons are organizations that are similar in outlook, and their participants in the 18th century often moved from one to another. It is believed that after 1785 the cult of the Illuminati dried up, and only the masons remained, who can be considered the receivers of the “enlightened”. The difference between these two societies is that the Masons are more inclined to mystical rites, and the Illuminati preferred to influence people with money and power.

Who opposes the Freemasons and the Illuminati?

Masons and Illuminati at the present time – the oldest societies, a kind of “gentlemen’s club.” However, there are those who want to destroy the Illuminati – such organizations include the Order of the Dragon, which includes such powerful families as the Hapsburg, Stewarts and Romanovs. Adherents of the Order of Malta, the Order of the White Eagle, Cygnus and many others are believed to be opposed by the Freemasons.

How to become an illuminati?

In the bulk of the modern Illuminati – it’s Masons, members of the order “Skull and Bones”. Strangers are not included in this student society – only members of powerful and rich families. To attract adherents can also other people with any talents – singers, actors, scientists, etc. Candidatures of candidates are considered lodges, and the decision is made after the vote – three negative votes are the cause of failure.

Illuminati in show business

The show business the Illuminati is considered one of the tools to influence people, especially young people. The goal of these figures is to distance the younger generation from their parents and direct them along the right path. Stars Illuminati – who is it:

  1. Rihanna – Illuminati, often using the identification mark in the form of “satanic greeting.”
  2. Madonna – a famous fan of the occult for many years, they say that she is directly related to the Illuminati.
  3. Justin Bieber – comes from a family of masons and is himself a member of society.
  4. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are a member of society with his wife.
  5. Britney Spears , whose mental problems are the result of the influence of a mystical society.
  6. Lady Gaga , using not only the symbolism, but also the psychological techniques of the Illuminati to attract viewers.

Illuminati – interesting facts

Based on the foregoing, it can be recognized that the Illuminati rule the world and are the real power that decides the fate of individuals and entire nations. Some believe that President Trump is the king of the Illuminati because the victory of this politician was predicted by the mystic from Portugal, Horatio Villegas. With the election of this president, the mystic connects the beginning of the third world war. There is a version that the Illuminati were Isaac Newton, Nicolaus Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei.

Another interesting fact is that the hierarchy within the Order of the Illuminati often does not coincide in ordinary society. Those. a person with a high rank, for example, in the government of a country, in the order can only be an ordinary performer who does not make any decisions. A minor owner of a cafe or hotel among the Illuminati may have real power and might.

Some mysterious deaths of show business representatives are associated with the Illuminati:

  1. Anna Nicole Smith – her death was allegedly ordered on one of the sacrifices.
  2. John Lennon – it is believed that he was killed by the order of the Illuminati because of some utterances.
  3. Amy Winehouse – her death could have been provoked by excessive frankness about one of the adepts of the order.
  4. Michael Jackson – his death could have been provoked because of the unwillingness to share control over the music industry.

Books about the Illuminati

The doctrine of the Illuminati is more than once described in literary sources.

  1. “Illuminati. Trap and conspiracy “Luis Miguel Martinez Otero . The book tells about the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt.
  2. “Angels and Demons” Dan Brown . Adventure detective story about the mysterious order and its opposition to the official church.
  3. “Falsified history” Etienne Casse . This book reverses all the reader’s views about the world and tells not only about the Illuminati, but also Masons and Templars.