Tupac exposing the truth about the ILLUMINATI… What happened next ???

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Fact is we are not free. we the people are “livestock”, property of the state.

If you were born in the u.s. you have a serial number (social security number). Ask yourself this: if we’re so free why must you pay taxes to the federal government?

We the people are assets which belong to the government. how can you covertly control people? through the mind. as humans we have natural fears that are products of our desire to survive which then can be manipulated and used to control us.

The people in positions of power understand that the majority of people will choose a form of control rather than a form of discomfort. control the mind of a person you control the body all ways.

The absolute worst thing we can do is refuse not to acknowledge we have been enslaved mentally. I hope YOU let this information settle.

Understand: The truth is NEVER easy to swallow…