Illuminati: 6 facts from the history of the most mysterious society

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – At all times, secret societies evoked awe in ordinary citizens. Among such organizations were the Illuminati, who preached the ideas of enlightenment.

Supporters of all kinds of conspiracy theories believe that modern rulers and those in power around the world are members of the same order.

Factrum publishes some interesting facts from the history of the mysterious Illuminati society.

1. The name “Illuminati” originated in the II century AD. er in Greece. The high priest of the goddess Cybele Montand introduced this concept, which means “enlightened”. At that time, Christian communities already existed, and Montand, having joined the religion, decided to create a secret society that preached new dogmas. At meetings they spoke of the imminent end of the world and the rejection of earthly blessings. Soon the Illuminati were dispersed by a pagan emperor.

2. since the founding of the Order of the Illuminati is considered to be 1776. University law professor Adam Weishaupt Ingolshtadskogo gathered around five enthusiasts who have set a goal: to eradicate ignorance and prejudice. In their minds in the first place it was to get the science that would eventually eradicated religion. Aware of the impact that has the Catholic Church in the way of residents of towns and villages, the company led a secret operation.

3. could not just join the Order of the Illuminati. It only invited. A rite of passage represented a solemn sacrament, in which to take an oath to maintain secrecy in the order of activities and the performance of all the doctrines of the Illuminati.

4. The order had its own hierarchy: a novice (neophyte), a minerval and an enlightened minerva. The one who stood on the lowest step had to unconditionally fulfill all that the instructor ordered him. It often happened that the adept knew only that Illuminati who had brought him into the order.

5. Over time, up to 2000 people were attracted to the order, among which are the most enlightened minds of their time (Goethe, Mozart, Schiller). The financial support of rich people (for example, the Rothschilds) greatly contributed to the work of the Illuminati.

6. The organization did not exist for a long time, since in 1784, the Bavarian kurfurst Karl Theodor issued a decree dissolving all secret societies. In the houses of the famous Illuminati pogroms were carried out and the archives of the order were found. The ideas of the Enlightenment were considered dangerous, and Adam Weishaupt had to flee the country. The secret service worked so “well” that literally a year later there was no trace of the mention of the activities of the order.