Hezbollah: If US launches a war against Iran, it will not hesitate to hit Israel

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — The map exhibited by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah to the eyes of the world, representing an area of ​​1200 square kilometers in the heart of Israel, along the Mediterranean, between Netanya in the north and Ashdod in the south and home to power plants, the airport Ben Gurion, the ammonia reserves of Haifa or the headquarters of the Israeli army, had nothing humorous about the alleged Iranian nuclear bomb that Netanyahu had flown, we remember, during the one of his famous performances before the UN.

“In this map of occupied Palestine, let’s look at the Golan in the north and the large area is in the south, we have Beersheva (Bir Sabeh) to the south, and the rest is a collection of unimportant areas. Resistance is able to hit Eilat in the south, and in the north of occupied Palestine the whole area is under the fire of the Resistance Let’s take a look at the coastline which is 60 to 70 km long. From Natanya to Ashdod, a large part of the settlers are in this region, and in terms of targets, we find there all the state centers (government, constitutional institutions, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear centers, financial centers and commercial, electrical stations, oil refineries, etc …).We are able to strike this coastline and bring Israel back to the Stone Age, “Hassan Nasrallah told Al-Manar reporter who was interrogating him on Friday, July 12.

Indeed this Israeli coastal strip that will have to be targeted at thousands of Hezbollah missiles in the next war is the very substance of the myth of Israel, it is its very heart; a heart that will stop beating after a first missile strike. Nasrallah has not detailed the characteristics of the Resistance’s ballistic arsenal that will be activated, if at all, but to hear it, this arsenal has high-precision gear that knows how to turn the Israeli strategic depth upside down.

But where does Hezbollah get this huge amount of information and data on ultra-strategic targets in the occupied territories? It would seem that the Israeli counter-espionage services are as bad as the Zionist army itself, but how to understand that Hezbollah “agents” are able to collect as much information.

A few points can be noted in the July 12 speech of the Hezbollah Secretary General: First, the strength of the Resistance fire has clearly increased compared to 2006, the year in which the Israeli regime underwent its first military defeat, along with a marked improvement in the quantity and quality of Hezbollah’s arsenal. But there is also the fact that Hezbollah has a vast intelligence network that has leaked many secrets of the Israeli armed forces.

Nasrallah mentioned the ability of his fighters to penetrate to the heart of Israel, Galilee, the famous region of northern occupied territories where the Israeli army goes from military maneuvers to military maneuvers without being able to put it to the shelter from the operations of a well-seasoned Hebrewah guerilla warfare in neighboring Syria.

“The enemy has spoken these days of Hezbollah’s possession of a plan to thwart any Zionist attack that includes the assault on Galilee. Our fighters are now quite experienced and several war scenarios are already programmed. At the moment, I reject any attempt at a Zionist war since they know that the outcome of this war will not turn in their favor. Any future war will lead Israel to the edge of the abyss if it fails to win. And the victory will never be on his side. … You are right, but the soul and morale of the army have been broken.

Restoring confidence is an effort that requires great effort. The Zionist army could not defeat Gaza, this confined region. In addition, the Israeli home front is now uncovered. Today, the Resistance is more than ever able to hit Israel’s internal front, “said Hezbollah’s secretary general.

Thus, according to Nasrallah, what his movement is capable of doing in the course of a future war, will go well beyond mere infiltration operations. These could be large-scale military operations like what a regular army could do with the recapture of enemy terrain as a backdrop.

But the most salient point of the speech of July 12 is undoubtedly this mysterious sentence of Nasrallah that the Israeli press comments and comments since Friday:

“Who said we did not have anti-aircraft missiles? We are pursuing a policy of constructive ambiguity in this regard.”

For observers, there is here the biggest pavement that has been able to launch in the fed up the chief of the Lebanese Resistance. A paved address to Israel and all its intelligence apparatus. And throughout the war in Syria, this Israeli intelligence apparatus had the mission to prevent “the routing of Iranian missile convoys” or “any transfer of ballistic technology” to Hezbollah.

At each air strike, the Tel-Aviv regime boasts of having reduced to ashes convoys, bases or even Syrian military sites, involved from afar or near in a missile transfer to the Resistance. That Nasrallah goes so far as to say that his arsenal includes “anti-aircraft missiles” is enough to provoke an earthquake within the Israeli regime.

But there is more: Since 2011 and the beginning of the war in Syria, the Israeli army and navy have never dared to venture into Syria for fear of having to suffer against it. However, the whole world and more specifically the Israelis are aware of the flaws that paralyze the Zionist army on both sides.

It is undoubtedly to hide the same flaws that the Israeli air force attacks from time to time and more and more frequently, on Syrian targets as to make forget that Israel has not been able in seven years of conflict, to send any troops to Syria and that he acted only as a coward and by proxy.

And Hassan Nasrallah’s speech challenges the so-called superiority of the Zionist Air Force:

“As for the infantry, Israel is going through a crisis of confidence, of weakness and its land forces are no longer able to weigh in a war and we know that an air force can not win at it. only a war. The enemy has done multiple maneuvers in several countries but it is not the Israeli arsenal of war that will decide the war.

Indeed, for the analysts, these sentences are a clear answer to Netanyahu’s latest threat that “the Israeli F-35s will strike any point in Iran and Syria”. In a last effort of desperation, the Zionist PM attempted to bring Israel’s so-called “aerial aura” to the fore, without suspecting for a moment that there may be somewhere, not far Israeli borders, weapons waiting for Israeli planes to turn. After all, Iran’s missile missile batteries that shot down a US Global Hawk on June 20 in southern Iran may well have their pairs, somewhere hidden in southern Lebanon. At this rate, Israeli planes may be caught short before they can leave the Lebanese sky.


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