Here Are Ancient Human Races We Thought Existed

Top 10 mythical human beings from popular folklore that our ancestors believed in.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Our history is full of folklore, legends and stories which have taken on mythical proportions.

A combination of cultural influences and our brain’s ability to create fantastic imagery and stories, such folklore and legend can, and have, taken on very real proportions at various times in our past.

Across the globe, the peoples of various continents, regions and cities, each developed their own unique stories and beliefs which often contained the description of human-like creatures and races which many thought actually existed. From tiny-winged humans to massive human-like figures that stood several meters tall, there are a number of human, or human-like races which many people were convinced actually existed at one time or another.

Indeed, many legends, folklore tales and epics created in the past were fictional but enough people believed in them that they took on a non-fictional form.

For instance, today we known that mermaids are not real but many centuries ago, sailors believed that they existed.

A distant dolphin or manatee, blurred by fog or bright light could look like a half-human, half-fish to a tired and weary sailor who had heard the rumours of a mermaid and only needed the slightest proof to become a believer.

Such beliefs were never limited to just one region or city as word spread or populations in other parts of the world started believing in the same “race” of being.

How did such belief in past races come about? Think of a world without the internet, televisions or telephones. Your world would have been a much smaller place, likely no bigger than your village or city.

The world beyond that would have been totally foreign to you. Now think of seeing a little person, a person over 7 feet tall, a man who was exceptionally hairy or an old women who looked like a witch.

To you, these first encounters would be traumatic and fascinating and add substantial proof to some of the legends and folklore you had heard over the years.

Even fast-forwarding to modern times and the discovery of a hoax giant bone or faked skeleton of some long-extinct mythical being can stir up the imagination and get a significant number of people believing that what they are seeing is proof of some past race of human beings which is now extinct.