What has a more harmful effect on a person – “herb” or vodka? It’s a difficult question, because there are many factors to consider: how these substances affect the heart, the brain, the behavior, how fast the addiction is developed. However, based on existing scientific data, the winner is obvious.

The corresponding analysis was carried out in the USA by the experts of Business Insider, specifying that it is not necessary to rely entirely on its results, since the effect produced by cannabis has not been studied yet due to the illegality of its sale in many regions.

Mortality from alcohol is much higher

For example, in 2014, more than 30,000 Americans died due to alcohol , and if you take into account the murders and accidents caused by its use – this number will triple. From the use of cannabis died 0 (zero) people. The 16-year study, which involved 65,000 people, showed that healthy cannabis users live as much as those who do not use it at all.

Marijuana is less likely than alcohol to be addictive

Polls show that marijuana is one of the most common illegal substances, it was tried almost every second. At the same time, the scientific work carried out in 1994 showed that only 9% of people develop addiction, and alcoholism among those who have tried alcohol appears in 15% of cases. For comparison: 17% for ” cocaine “, 23% for heroin, 32% for nicotine.

Marijuana is harmful to the heart, and alcohol in small doses can be useful

Cannabis accelerates the heartbeat, which in some cases can have negative health effects. Moderate alcohol consumption, scientists say, is useful for the heart – unless, of course, it goes into an immoderate one. On the other hand, there are no studies that would confirm that marijuana increases the risk of developing a heart attack.

Alcohol provokes cancer, marijuana – no

The carcinogenic effect of alcohol has been known for a long time, but cannabis, unlike it and even ordinary cigarettes, does not increase the risk of cancer. The use of marijuana does not affect the likelihood of lung, head and neck cancer.

For a driver, both are dangerous, but alcohol is worse

A slightly elevated concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in the blood did not increase the risk of getting into an accident , and the increased level of alcohol significantly increased it. However, if drivers used both, marijuana increased the effect of alcohol.

Alcohol can cause aggression, marijuana – no

It can not be said with certainty that alcohol provokes violence, but it is he who is involved in approximately 40% of all crimes (in Russia, perhaps more). Studies have shown that in families there are often episodes of psychological and physical violence when partners are not sober. Between the use of marijuana and the propensity to violence, the dependence is not revealed.

Both substances impair memory, but in different ways

This effect is more often seen in dependent people. Cannabis lovers suffer verbal memory, alcoholics have memory, attention, planning, it becomes more difficult in emotional and social spheres. At the same time, the “cannabis effect” can last several weeks, and after drinking alcohol – several years.

Both alcohol and marijuana increase the risk of developing mental disorders

Marijuana more often leads to the emergence of schizophrenia or psychosis, it is especially dangerous for people at risk. Alcohol can cause depression and anxiety – but, perhaps, in this case, the cause and effect are reversed in places. It remains to be seen whether depression or anxiety develops in people due to the fact that they drink – or, conversely, people with depression and anxiety try to “pour” it.

Alcohol often leads to weight gain

Despite the fact that the known effect of “grass” – hunger, yet people who drink more often are obese. Although marijuana smokers, on average, consume 600 calories at a time due to hunger, but alcohol is caloric and by itself.

Thus, according to the totality of the characteristics considered, alcohol is still a more harmful substance than marijuana. However, long-term studies related to the use of cannabis have not been carried out, and for a full-fledged comparison, many more years of work are needed.