In places such as the U.S.A. and Canada, cannabis is growing in popularity thanks to legal changes made by the government. Many people are experimenting with the drug and if you’re wanting to give it a go, you can find the Pink death cannabis strain available here! But, you should always do your research into different strains and dispensaries before buying anything. For those who are relatively new to the cannabis industry, it’s natural for them to wonder about hand-trimmed vs. machine-trimmed cannabis. What’s the difference; which is better?

Hand trimming and machine trimming are the 2 main methods of trimming cannabis (weed). These depend on several factors such as the scale of the farm, and the preference of growers and consumers.


Hand-trimmed cannabis is obtained through traditional means. The concept was popularized during the early 2000s when consumers started to look for more potent cannabis products than brick-packed cannabis. Hand-trimmed cannabis is popular with both commercial farmers and consumers just now. Part of the reason for this demand has to do with the fact that hand-trimmed cannabis products are very attractive and potent.

In hand trimming, the trichrome buds are carefully handled, and this explains why their potency is high.

In terms of production costs, hand-trimming is also cost-effective. Small-scale farmers only need a few hands to do the trimming job. However, this only holds true when the harvest isn’t plenty, and there are hard-working employees on the job. One advantage of hand=trimming is that it allows people to check the quality of the cannabis buds. Trimmers can carefully examine the appearances of buds to ensure that there are no mold and pests on them.

Hand-trimming is a source of employment for many people in the cannabis industry. For example, an entry-level hand-trimmer can make about $12 an hour, or more. That’s if they are doing commercial hand trimming. You can navigate to Berkshirecbd’s website to check out hand-trimmed flowers for yourself.

Disadvantages of hand-trimming

Although you can make money hand trimming buds, the job is not an easy one. It’s time-intensive and potentially dangerous to the health of the workers if they work for long hours. On commercial farms, hand trimming slows down the time it takes for the products to enter the market. This means commercial facilities may suffer downtime and also incur high labor costs.

Machine Trimming Cannabis

On larger commercial farms, machine trimming is more convenient than hand trimming. Machines trim the cannabis by collecting them into rotating buckets where the excess leaves are shaved off, and the buds are well-shaped. After trimming, the buds are moved to secondary bins. They can further be processed into edibles and concentrates.

Machine-trimmed buds often lose their potency because the trichomes are agitated by the trimmers during the trimming processes. However, machine trimming is also suitable when you want your buds to have uniform shapes and sizes, and be produced under proper sanitary conditions. Machine trimmers are sanitized periodically. So, there is less risk of contamination.

On the other hand, human trimmers can contaminate cannabis buds if they don’t practice proper hand hygiene. If you’re a cannabis farmer who has a medical condition that can potentially contaminate the products, it’s advisable to use machine trimmers.

Hand-trimmed cannabis vs machine trimmed cannabis: which is better?

It’s difficult to state which method of trimming cannabis is the best. It all depends on how the user weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each trimming technique against his or her own preferences. Consider your budget, demand for quality, and the availability of the different techniques to know which method is more suitable.

In summary, if you want to obtain potent cannabis flowers using a precise approach, hand-trimming may be the best in terms of quality.

Machine trimming is much faster when you have a large collection of cannabis to trim. However, you may end up sacrificing quality when the buds lose their trichomes to machine parts.