Half a century later – How Yuri Gagarin died

RUSSIA (VOP TODAY NEWS) – The first cosmonaut of the planet, Yuri Gagarin, crashed with an instructor on the MiG-15UTI fighter because of an erroneous command from the ground.

This was told by TASS member of the flying subcommittee, which was part of a large government commission to investigate the causes of this disaster, Arseniy Mironov (pilot, doctor of technical sciences, in the 1980s, he headed the Gromov Flight Research Institute).

Gagarin was killed on March 27, 1968 while performing a training flight on the MiG-15UTI fighter, together with the instructor-pilot Vladimir Seregin. Their plane crashed near the village Novoselovo Kirzhachsky district of the Vladimir region.

The official version of the tragedy – the execution by the pilots of a sharp maneuver resulted in the airplane falling into a supercritical flight mode and stalling (a sharp drop in the lift due to an incorrect flow of air through the wing). What exactly this maneuver was called, the investigation could not be established.

Flight Manager Error

According to Mironov, near the flight area of ​​the aircraft Gagarin and Seregin also performed the tasks of the MiG-15UTI pilot Andreev. Specialist believes that the fighter Gagarin was in a supercritical flight mode as a result of the evasion maneuver from the second MiG-15 suddenly seen in the middle of the cloud cover.

The expert asserts that he was able to find the answer to the question about the causes of the death of the first cosmonaut by repeatedly reading fragments of the decoding of the radio interchange in his first edition, which were terminated in a notebook.

“At the request of Gagarin at 10:29:57 -” The task in zone 20 was finished. I ask permission for a course of 320 degrees “- the head of flights (or his assistant) immediately replied -” I permit “, apparently not observing the danger of the rapprochement of Seregin’s planes, Gagarin and Andreev, on the locator screen. If the head of flights fulfilled his duties, he should, having looked at the screen of the locator, immediately supplement the command “I authorize” with just two words – “Without a reduction”. But the words “Without a drop” was not uttered. As a result – a disaster, “- said Mironov.

In the case of the correct team, the member of the flying subcommittee believes, Gagarin’s plane would pass 320 degrees at an altitude of 4200 meters above the airplane of Andreev. A dangerous rendezvous of aircraft would not have happened, nor would a fatal evasion maneuver have to be carried out.

Mironov notes that experts during the investigation of the disaster did not manage to establish who was following the radar at the time of the tragedy and was supposed to see the dangerous rapprochement of the marks from the two planes.

Intentional distortion

Mironov believes that during the investigation, a deliberate distortion of the actual situation that occurred during the disaster was organized. As an example, he cited the following episode in the work of the flying subcommittee. “At a meeting on April 5, the pilot of the MiG-15UTI aircraft Andreev was asked:” Under what cloud conditions did he fly in his zone at an altitude of 3000 m? “The answer was unexpectedly shocking:” Flied outside the clouds, “- says the expert.

Members of the subcommittee, especially specialists in the field of meteorology, began to clarify – over a large area of ​​the flight area was continuous layered clouds, with the lower edge of 600 m, the top 5 thousand m, but at an altitude of 3 thousand meters you flew outside the clouds? “Then experienced pilot Andreev suddenly said:” Well, maybe I messed up, maybe it was cloudy, “recalls Mironov. The expert then wrote down in his notebook: “Confusing”, and thought: “Who needed to distort the actual situation? Not to Andreyev himself. Andreev carried out his task precisely, there are no complaints to him. ”

According to Mironov, the dangerous rapprochement of two aircraft outside the clouds is much less likely than in the clouds – pilots can visually detect each other at a great distance and manage to safely disperse. It can be assumed, the member of the flying subcommittee believes, that the order to take experts away from the search for the true causes of the death of the MiG-15UTI crew (Andrei Andreev’s instructions to tell about the flight outside the clouds – ed.) Came from a high instance.

In addition, added Mironov, “it was noted that the continuation of the discussion with Andreev was not supported by the chairman of the subcommittee and was quickly terminated.”

The version of Alexey Leonov

Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who made the first ever spacewalk, in 2017 presented in his book “Man and Space” documents and diagrams concerning the death of the first cosmonaut of the Earth, Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seryogin. According to his version, the training MiG got into the vortex trail of the supersonic Su-15 flying nearby. At the same time Leonov notes that he gave his word not to mention the name of the pilot, whose actions, according to his version, led to the death of two pilots.

“The plane that was there was at an altitude of 4200 meters in supersonic at a distance of 10-15 meters from Gagarin’s plane, turned over and drove the aircraft into a deep spiral. Everyone says: “They fell into a tailspin.” The plane, in order to break into a corkscrew, needs a speed of 350 km / h, and it collided with the earth at a speed of 750 km / h, it is a deep inverted spiral. He turned this plane over, that’s how it really was, “Leonov told TASS earlier.