The most hairy girl in the world married

The most hairy girl in the world, Supatra Sasuphan from Bangkok, got married, she had to shave before the wedding celebration, writes Unilad.

Now this procedure has become daily for her. Since childhood, she was not like everyone else, suffering from a rare hereditary disease, Ambras syndrome.

The girl’s mother noticed that the one at the birth had very small nostrils, the baby could not breathe on her own. And then her whole body was covered with hair. There are 50 cases of Ambras syndrome in the world.

“I do not feel myself very special, I have a lot of friends, because I’m hairy, makes me special.” Yes, there were people who bullied me, called monkey muzzle, but now they do not. I do not feel anything special, because I’ve always been like that, only sometimes my hair interferes with seeing when they grow too much,” the girl said.

She does not lose hope that one day doctors will find a cure, but while she has a razor.

At the age of 17 her life changed dramatically, when she met her lover, soon the couple decided to get married.